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The Floyd Landis Mystery--Now More of a Mystery Than Before

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It Finally happened. Closure to the Floyd Landis Doping story.

But to those of us who try to understand people and motivstions, it is not closure at all, but the presentation of a mystery.

Why did a man who knew he was guilty bankrupt himself in an attempt to disprove the charges? How could he have enlisted the help of friends and supporters, accepting funds and thousands of hours donated on his behalf in a vast and expensive crusade?

I was a believer, more or less, and I am baffled at this display of abberant human nature.

But it wasn't so aberrant. Tyler Hamilton did the same, cloaking himself, hus family, and any who would join him in a cult of denial.

So many questions remain. For example, was Floyd's guilt a factor in his father-in-law's suicide? Did Floyd really think he could beat the system?

And another reason why I am disappointed is because this is vindication for an anti-doping juggernaut that is less than perfectly clear and fair.

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