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Fallout from the Landis Accusations

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1Fallout from the Landis Accusations Empty Fallout from the Landis Accusations on Thu May 20, 2010 12:04 pm


So Landis is said to be accusing Bruyneel, Zabriskie, Lepheimer, and Armstrong of long term involvement in doping of various types.

Obviously, these accusations will roll off Armstrong like water off a duck's back. And anyway, past is ... past, right? But what about Bruyneel?

And Landis himself has done nothing to bolster his own credibility. These confessions are the latest tremor in a life gone out of control. Right?

But the anti-doping people are seizing on this the way the Holy Inquisition seized on a rumor of a rumor of heresy.

What will be the effect on this year's racing? The TdF?

2Fallout from the Landis Accusations Empty Re: Fallout from the Landis Accusations on Thu May 20, 2010 1:44 pm


This new scandal can bring down Armstrong's new Radio Shack team, considering Landis' allegations against lead rider Levi Leipheimer, Armstrong himself, and team director Bruyneel.

It can even hurt the "clean team," Garmin, another American team that boasts of rigorous testing, since their lead rider is Dave Zabriskie, a former roommate and pal of Landis.

Most of all, this will scare more money and sponsorship away from cycling. It may scare away young riders. Impact the sport for years to come.

How much credence will be placed on Landis' new revelations? Big question. But if Landis can corroberate his statements wih new supporting evidence, then heads will roll. They may roll anyway, considering that the anti-doping agencies are subject to as much oversight and restraint as the Gestapo or the NKVD.

[Why cycling? Why more than other sports? In a nutshell, because cycling is so demanding. Riding a bicycle up to 140 miles a day for days in a row at speeds up to 35 mph and on all sorts of terrain and at altitude is hugely wearing on the body. Elite road cyclists may consume up to 18,000 calories per day. They basically ride, stumble off the bike, drink, get a massage, eat, and fall into bed to get ready for the next day.]

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