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Venting !!!!!!!

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1Venting !!!!!!! Empty Venting !!!!!!! on Mon May 24, 2010 11:46 am


Happened again on my Sat ride. I wuz on what I call my downtown circuit, riding north on Ave. J, when I planned to turn left onto Mack Lewis. I was in the center lane prepping for the turn.

When I got to the intersection, a black BMW crammed full of partygoers dressed to the nines disregarded the fact that they had the stopsign and turned left in front of me. They didn't come close to hitting me, because to avoid me, they cut across the opposite lanes of the street they were turning off of!

About 2/3 of Texas drivers have no feakin sense. We need to recall all drivers and make them go through driver training again. Or cyclists can carry firearms and pop drivers who do stupid things. That would efficiently thin their ranks.

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