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Lubbock & West Texas Active Adults

Especially but not exclusively for those over 30 trying to get into or stay in shape. Discuss bicycle riding and cycling issues, golf, body-building, whatever

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Lubbock Area Routes

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1Lubbock Area Routes Empty Lubbock Area Routes on Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:55 pm



Some remodeling on East 19th St. I wish this would include a bike lane from Ave. A to past MLK. Anybody know? Any input made by local cycing groups?

I like to ride in Lubbock's canyons. The route I feel safest on is to take Broadway to Canyon Lakes Drive where the Windpower Center is, and cross 19th there following Canyon Lakes Drive.

I don't like to ride on East 19th, because of more and faster traffic and lack of a margin on the pavement to ride on. And because of the "pinch" at the underpass. Broadway is safer, except for the Citibuses that pass too closely six days a week.

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