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NO Increase in Walking or Cycling in America!

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1NO Increase in Walking or Cycling in America! Empty NO Increase in Walking or Cycling in America! on Tue May 24, 2011 12:27 pm


You might think that with America in the midst of an obesity epidemic and with the price of gasoline flirting with $4/gallon, walking and riding a bicycle would be flourishing. You would be wrong. In fact, overall, the numbers are down not up.

Only among certain segments, such as middle aged men, is walking and cycling up.

Depressing news.

The article blames poor walking/cycling infrastructure. Doubtless that is a factor. IMO, Crime and, for women, harassment and confrontations are also involved. A woman walking or cycling by is treated the way a man is who wears spandex, subjected to catcalls, jeers, suggestive remarks.

I walk and ride a bicycle. Nearly all my walking is done on errands and not purely for the exercise. Part of my cycling is the same. IMO, exercise as a lifestyle has to be intertwined with work, shopping, and other errands, the movements of daily life.

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