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Side Moves...

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1Side Moves... Empty Side Moves... on Tue May 18, 2010 12:30 am


There are some dumbell exercises you can do lying on your side.

1. For the pects: lie on your left side on a sturdy bench holding a light dumbell in your left hand. Crooking the arm about 90 degrees at the elbow, lift the weight toward the ceiling, pausing at the top of the movement. Repeat on right side for dumbell held in right hand.

2. For the delts: Lying on the left side, hold a light dumbell in right hand slightly in front of the right thigh. Using your right deltoid, raise to nearly vertical. Repeat on other side. You can emulate part of the golf swing by lowering your arm below bench height at an angle to the body.

3. For the lats: With the upper arm at about 90 degrees or more, move dumbell over head and raise arm holding the elbow angle.

4. For the rotator cuff: holding weight in lower hand with upper and lower arm at 90 degree angle, raise and lower dumbell. Also holding weight in upper hand and mainting 90 degree angle at elbow, raise and lower weight.

5. For the tensor fasciae latiae, take a light weight plate--1-5 lbs-- and run a belt or rope through it, forming a sturdy loop about a foot long; lying on one side, put your upper foot through the loop; raise leg slowly for reps. Repeat on other side for other leg.

2Side Moves... Empty Re: Side Moves... on Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:27 pm


"Side moves" have done wonders for my balance and athleticism. I like to stand straight holding onto the back of a chair lightly, then lift one leg out to the side folded the way a hurdler brings up the back leg. Sets of 50, alternating sides.

Combined with strenghtening the hamstrings, this improves the ability to balance and move incredibly.

The hamstrings of course are vital to stability, balance and movement. Instead of hamstring curls, I like to use romanian deadlifts and lunges to work the hamstrings.

The increased strength of my legs and balance has kept me from taking some pretty bad falls. One day I was helping move someone into an apartment and in the shadows misstepped coming down the stairs; instead of falling and taking bruises and scrapes I staggered onto one leg. Same morning I stepped down from the bed of my truck and my back leg got tangled in a rope in the pickup bed; I did not fall though I landed awkwardly!

Back 3-4 years ago Bicycling magazine had an article that included a balance test: standing on one leg with eyes closed. Then I could not manage the 15 seconds that was a passing grade. I can do it for minutes now thanks to the hamstring and plie work.

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