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Especially but not exclusively for those over 30 trying to get into or stay in shape. Discuss bicycle riding and cycling issues, golf, body-building, whatever

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Gym Jones in SLC

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1Gym Jones in SLC Empty Gym Jones in SLC on Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:24 am


Admin About "Gym Jones," the gym named after the Rev. Jim Jones, who, with a couple of hundred followers, committed mass suicide down in Ghana or someplace.

This is where some of the cast of "300" trained to get in shape for the movie. And other celebs, as well as SEALs and so on. Article says they lost 6 former clients when that copter was shot down a few weeks ago.

As an aside, when the new version of "The Alamo" was in production, one of the hold-ups was that when they went to hire hispanic extras to play soldiers and villagers, most of the pool of extras were too fat. Ever see Santa Ana's uniform at the museum in Houston? Many a modern American 10-year old couldn't squeeze into that.

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