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Who Is It?

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1Who Is It? Empty Who Is It? on Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:23 pm


Back in 2004 an article in a medical journal piques the world's interest about a German boy born without the enzyme that breaks down muscle tissue, with the result that he was phenomenally muscled and strong for his age.

He was born into families of athletes. Both mother and father -- who were not identified -- were world class athletes.

My question is, who is that boy today? Surely he has begun a career in sport given his geetics and family backgrounds. Surely he, at least nearing 20 years and possible being older, would be making a name for himself by now in spome sport.

The only caution is that without myostatin he may be prone to an enlarged heart, with the possible result being that doctors advised him against training and limited his protein intake.

An interesting riddle -- Who? What sport?

An obvious pick would be weightlifting or bodybuilding, but maybe not. Could be speed skating, sprint cycling, or some track or field event that does not penalyze body mass.

Is he on the German Olympic team for 2012? Possible. Could he be Wierig, de Zordo, Woschler, or -- or is he really massive? A junior powerlifter or bodybuilder? This one, for example?

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