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Anniversary of the Mountain Bike

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1Anniversary of the Mountain Bike Empty Anniversary of the Mountain Bike on Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:53 pm


2012 marks an anniversary for the mountain bike. In 1982 the first mass-produced mountain bike was sold, the Specialized Stumpjumper. No suspension of course.

The 30th anniversary.

The first mountain bikes were old Schwinns adapted for downhill racing down Mt. Tam in Marin County, California. You may have heard the names of some of those who raced there, Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly and Joe Breeze. The adaptations included balloon tires, reinforced frames and eventually stronger brakes than the coaster brakes the Schwinns came with.

Breeze and Tom Ritchey were bike builders, and both were turning out mountain bikes on a custom basis by the late 1970s, Joe Breeze being the pioneer. Gary Fisher's name would soon appear on complete bicycles, before his brand sold to Trek.

2012 is the approximate 40th anniversary of the date those modified Schwinns were first raced. (The exact date is lost in the mists of time. From 1976 official Repak times and competitions were held.)

As many of us who ride mountain bikes, who love the freedom they give us, we ought to throw a party or something before the year is out.

2Anniversary of the Mountain Bike Empty Re: Anniversary of the Mountain Bike on Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:28 pm


Well, no party. At least I wasn't invited to one. Did Specialized issue a commemorative model or decal? A race specially sponsored for the occasion? Did they for the 25th anniversary back in 2007?

BTW, and this is unrelated to the above, I'd like to see events where only vintage bikes are ridden. This could be anything from riding along in a parade to races. There's something like that in Italy, L'Eroica. Which translates not to erotic [wash that mind out with soap; this is not nude cycling] but "The Heroic."

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