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1Admin's Commentary Empty Admin's Commentary on Fri May 21, 2010 9:27 am


Friday, May 21, 2010:

Was it the New York Times that came up with the motto, "All the News That's Fit to Print"? Even the NYT these days has its potential news screened through a dozen filters.

The problem with news is that there is too much of it. The same with sports. Innumerable high school and college and professional teams; I don't even remember the names any more, and can't tell you off hand who won the last World Series or the one before that. Not do I remember who won the 2009 Super Bowl.

Too much information.

It should be no surprise that the local Lubbock newspaper--stress "local'--has no coverage today of Armstrong's crashing out of the Tour of California, or of that race or the Giro d'Italia, or even small-print standings in those races. Nothing about the latest Landis revelations and accusations. Nothing about Bike to Work Day.

"Sports" to the local paper means at this time of year baseball, basketball, and football, with a smattering of NASCAR, tennis and sometimes rodeo and golf.

To the newspaper's credit, there was a good piece by Matthew McGowan about Susan Polgar, but that was in the Local section. (I consider chess a sport.)

When I see that except for various items on crime and prosecution and fire, the only news in the front section of the LOCAL newspaper is about Bible class in public schools (now how the hell did that get into the curriculum? Comparative religions, maybe, but a straight Bible class to me is an obvious violation of State/church separation) and read the editorials and typical op-ed columns, I think maybe those of us who follow other sports ought to feel complimented rather than disrespected.

It is an honor to be left out of this newspaper.

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2Admin's Commentary Empty News, May 21, 2010 Golf Beat on Fri May 21, 2010 12:44 pm


So Hank Haney did what Tiger had not -- said that Tiger had been in therapy for sex addiction.

We knew that, didn't we? But up to now there was no confirmaton by anyone who was there.

And, it seems, Haney was there, as friend and coach. Part of the Woods entourage, the Tiger parade. Which may explain why Haney quit Tiger. Not a good idea to mix personal business with, well, business.

Funny how heavyweight boxers and kings and Michael Jackson always had an entourage, of servants, advisors, physicians, bodyguards, various hangers-on. One reason why all of the above were in and out of financial trouble. Looks like Tiger has his own entourage, which includes his coach of the moment and also agent and financial guy, Steinberg of IMG.

If you are just starting out in sports, and retain IMG to manage you, you will be lucky to get IMG to return your calls. But Tiger got his own IMG man, all to himself. And Tiger's calls are always returned. Steinberg is at Tiger's beck and call, whether at press conferences or police stations.

But back to that titillating malady, sex addiction. How many of us are so addicted? Better to ask, who among us is not? There are fewer who are not. Perhaps "sex addiction" is the normal state of things, and those not addicted need treatment.

Our whole society is sex addicted. Sex drives the wheels of industry and trade. Sex buys and sells, and dictates needs and wants. Whole industries are really sex industries, though they don't call themselves that. Not only cosmetics and fashions and fitness, but automobiles, briefcases, the design of computers and desks--it's all about sex.

So I think it begs the question when an accused two-timer plays the sex addiction card. And on the other side of the coin, it is naively absurd to expect a young rich guy like Tiger Woods who travels the world to confine his attentions to his wife.

If I am going to beat up on Tiger for anything, it is for his taste in women.* That and not--as has been widely reported--using condoms.

*Siliconized barbies don't ring my chimes.

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Tiger a two-timer? Didn't he exceeded that by orders of magnitude?

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