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Department of Angry Ventng

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1Department of Angry Ventng Empty Department of Angry Ventng on Tue May 18, 2010 12:09 am


[Anger and conflict are an aspect of riding a bike on the roads. Share your anger and experiences here.]

So there I was Saturday, riding west on Main Street at about 14 mph, when this white pick-up also heading west passed me, then cut right in front of my bike and turned left, forcing me to brake hard to avoid splattering myself against the side of the pickup. I passed the p/u a few blocks on, at Church's Chicken, and nearly went over to start a fight.

That's the third time it's happened in the last couple of months. The other times were at the intersection of Glenna Goodacre and University, when students in cars alongside my bike have turned left while I was trying to go straight.

The safest course for a cyclist is to "take the lane," getting out in the middle so that a car intending to turn right can't get in the lane alongside you. An aggressive and possibly illegal course of action.

2Department of Angry Ventng Empty Re: Department of Angry Ventng on Wed May 19, 2010 12:18 am


This type of incident has been the most common conflict I have had with motorists. After about 3 in a row in close proximity, I chased #3 down. I just wanted to know if she even saw me. She told me that she did, but thought she had plenty of time to make the turn. I saw it coming, which was the only thing that kept me from having to brake hard to avoid heitting her broadside. The driver was quite apologetic. The fact that I was only wanting information and was not hostile probably helped with that.

What I think happens with alot of these folks is that they misjudge our speed and actually believe they have the room to safely turn in front of us. I do wonder if they would try it if it was their child, parent or spouse on the bike though.

What we do is just inherently dangerous. It would be nice if the average non cyclist motorist would realize that and give us a little consideration. Then again, most of them do.

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