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Foot Angle and Hip Exercises

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1Foot Angle and Hip Exercises Empty Foot Angle and Hip Exercises on Tue May 18, 2010 12:36 am


Some of us normally walk with our toes pointed out, some with feet straight ahead, some with toes pointing in. I believe that we should exercise the muscles around the hip joint with the toes pointing at a different angle from the one we use to walking.

So, if you are bending over touching your toes, try it with your feet pointing out as far as you can point them. Try it with feet pointing straight ahead, and with toes pointing inward.

If you do deadlifts, try those that way too.

There is a lot of rotation arund the hip joint. We need to keep all the muscles developed and stretched to protect the hip.

2Foot Angle and Hip Exercises Empty Side leg lifts on Mon May 23, 2011 5:03 pm


This year I've been concentrating on a new exercise. New for me, that is.

You know those side kicks karatekas do? When I used to try that I felt like I was going to thrown my hip out of joint. Front snap kick, no problem, side kicks, uh oh!

The problem, I decided this year, is that the muscles on the sides of my hips are undeveloped. So, I started doing lateral leg lifts.

Example: Standing on one leg, lift the other upward and outward a couple of feet. Try for 25 or 50 reps. Or start with just 10; whatever is challenging.

Lying in bed--and I do this while reading because I read a lot in bed--I'll lie on one side and do 50-100 reps of leg lifts.

Sometimes I'll use an 8.8 lb weight plate I ran an old belt through. Gyms have abductor machines that will do the same thing while you are seated, or you can try a cable. Or leg weights. Or heavy boots.

It's helped. Still haven't tried fast side kicks, but my balance is better and I feel my hip joint is supported much better. I move sideways much better, get on and off the bike better. I feel that if I fall with the bike, I'll be less likely to break my hip.

I wonder: does this avoid future damage to the hip joint? Can it be used to rehab a damaged or replaced hip joint?

3Foot Angle and Hip Exercises Empty Re: Foot Angle and Hip Exercises on Sat Feb 18, 2012 1:59 pm


About foot angle. Naturally if you are bending your knees you do not want to have your feet splayed at one angle and your knees pointing out at another. That is a recipe for disaster.

Thing is, your feet can change angle versus the lower leg and the whole leg can change angle too as it pivots in the hip joint.

Why are some people splay-footed (toes pointing outwards) and others pigeon-toed (toes pointing in)? I think this is caused by preferential musculature development around the hip joint. In other words, that customary foot angle is at least partly a matter of habit and not biology.

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